Lingox releases Private Stars Autographed Collection

Lingox has joined forces with the prestigious adult entertainment company Private and is proud to present the Private Stars Autographed Collection. This collection features genuine anatomical replicas of six leading adult actresses, with three toys per star: Vagina, Anal and Oral.

These sleeves are manufactured from a very soft and hygienic material, incorporating anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agents, together with the Lingox aroma that is exclusive to these sleeves. Special mention should be made of the Oral toys, as these feature an internationally registered exclusive design, where the actress’ mouth is faithfully recreated but with her tongue out.

The outer case design also features an exclusive incorporated dildo / prostate massager. This feature can be used in couples as a dildo or prostate massager, by yourself as a prostate massager, or simply as an ergonomically designed, comfortable handle. These features are all patented, and only Lingox can manufacture and sell these products.

The PRIVATE STARS AUTOGRAPHED COLLECTION by LINGOX is presented in brand new packaging, in a triangular shape with a practical window showcasing the product to your customers. This attention-grabbing and sophisticated box is also registered internationally and ensures that our products are exclusive and unique. Upon opening the box, you will find an authentic autographed card personally signed by the actress and a sachet of Lingox Lube. The Private Stars Signature Collection will be expanded with new girls and exciting product developments leading to repeat business from end costumers.

“This collection, with its quality materials and unique and exclusive designs will undoubtedly set new standards in the marketplace,” the company said.

The products are 100% manufactured in Europe by Lingox, and and are enhanced by the reputation and prestige of Private, a market-leading adult entertainment company since 1965.
“We are convinced that the recipe for success is ‘quality products combined with exclusive designs and a strong, respected brand’,” Lingox described their approach to their new collection.

Finally, Private has stated that “our highly competitive pricing model means that distributors are offered unbeatable margins on this collection. We want to establish long-term strong relationships with our customers, where we all share fairly in the success of this exciting product.”