Live Sexy Line of INTRO Vibrators from Jimmyjane back in stock

After Jimmyjane introduced LIVE SEXY at the ANME show in January the collection sold out twice in the first half of the year. Now Jimmyjane announced that LIVE SEXY is back in stock and ready to ship to retailers worldwide.

The LIVE SEXY line of INTRO Vibrators invites consumers of all income levels to discover the Jimmyjane brand by offering more simplistic versions of Jimmyjane’s FORM line. The products are made with phthalate-free, body safe silicone, waterproof, and have three speeds and three intensity levels. INTRO Vibrators are battery operated (batteries included) and target the mid-tier product category with MSRP’s ranging from $29-$59.

Jimmyjane has seen especially high interest in their slate blue color introduction, which deviates from the typical color palettes. The LIVE SEXY line features four unique INTRO Vibrators, which are available in three rich colors: Pink, Purple and Blue.

  • INTRO 1: Slim, simple and powerful, INTRO 1 is designed for newbies, frequent travelers, or for couples during sex. MSRP- $29
  • INTRO 2 offers two motors – on in each flexible ear. MSRP – $59
  • INTRO 4’s motor and shape is classic redefined. Its narrow hourglass figure is curved for comfort. MSRP – $39
  • INTRO 6: The curved shape is designed to deliver stimulation to the erogenous zone known as the G-spot. MSRP – $49