Lola Games is presenting the Universe collection

Eye-catching, powerful as the real tools of super heroes and providing perfect clitoral stimulation – that is Universe collection by Lola Games. It was created in order to eradicate such a problem as the orgasm gap – the discrepancy between sexual satisfaction in heterosexual pairs. With the help of these rechargeable vibrators, it’s easy to awaken the hidden super-power of the clitoris and dive into the universe of pleasure.

Four unique shapes and each of which provides a special feeling during use.

Mamasita’s Fantastic Shield will completely cover the vulva by means of two work surfaces and will transmit vibrations throughout its surface. Choose one side or the other of the toy to deliver more gentle or brighter stimulation.

Playful Bonbon’s Powerful Spear will stimulate the head of the clitoris, wrapping her ears around it.

Airy’s Mystery Arrow will pierce the heart of each user just barely touching the sensitive clitoris and gives an enveloping clitoral stimulation thanks to its delicate needle shape – hug the head of the clitoris from all sides, turn on the vibration and enjoy great stimulation.

Rocky’s Fairy Mallet will perfectly stimulate the clitoris both from the outside and from the inside. And its anatomically curved shape will make the process as comfortable and easy as possible.

Like the prototypes that inspired the Universe superheroines, the vibrators can withstand any, even the most extreme situations. They can be used even underwater due to to the IPX7 standard – the toys are completely waterproof and can demonstrate their superpowers for an hour. And of course, they are rechargeable  with a convenient magnetic charger.

All devices are made of hypoallergenic silicone that can literally change reality just by touching the erogenous zone. 10 vibration modes will give the user unlimited power of imagination for maximum pleasure. Universe vibrators are multifunctional and suitable not only for clitoral stimulation but also for any delicate areas of the body or even for the face massage.