Love Not War launches The Maya made from 99% recycled aluminium

British eco-friendly sex toy brand, Love Not War, is set to launch its most sustainable product to date, the Maya, made from 99% recycled aluminium, just in time for Earth Day (April 22nd).The Maya is the eighth product to join Love Not War’s repertoire, the world’s first range of sustainable sex toys. It is made from recycled and recyclable aluminum and is the ideal toy for the eco-conscious.

Sustainability is fast becoming the ‘it’ term amongst consumers, and as the demand for eco-friendly products of all kinds is on the rise, the same can be said for sustainable sex toys. Love Not War, which was first launched in early 2021, is leading the charge in this area and is using its passion for ‘green practices’ to penetrate an industry that previously would not have considered sustainable practices to be a priority.

The bullet-shaped vibrator is fully waterproof, has four intensity levels and seven vibration patterns. The Maya also comes with an interchangeable battery base that is compatible with the brand’s detachable heads, allowing you to have multiple toys in one. This feature is available for all Love Not War’s products and makes the MAYA perfect for temperature play. It can be submerged in warm water to stimulate the senses and can because the head can be easily removed, it can be stored in the freezer to offer a unique cooling experience.

CEO and co-founder of Love Not War, Will Ranscombe said, “We’ve watched consumer habits shift in recent years with more and more importance continuously being placed on whether something is eco-friendly or not. People want to be able to trace where their purchases have come from, how they have been created and with what materials. The sex toy industry is not exempt from this growing trend and we at Love Not War are proud to say that we place sustainability right at the core of our business. It is not an afterthought or an optional extra for us, but it is in fact cemented right at the forefront of everything we do. It is predicted that the sex toy industry will be worth £27 billion by 2025 and as it continues to rise in popularity it is our aim to let the world know that there is pleasure in sustainability. We really do hope that in the not so distant future, adopting sustainable, ‘green’ practices into the industry and the manufacturing process, in particular, will be a staple requirement for all involved. The Maya is our most sustainable product yet and we’re so excited to finally be able to introduce it to the world. It is not only made of 99% recycled aluminum, but it is smooth, sleek and sexy and is also perfect for temperature play. To heat it up simply run under hot water until warm, or to chill it, remove the head and pop it in the freezer or submerge in an icy cold glass of water.”

For every Maya that is purchased, Love Not War promises to plant a tree through global reforestation charity, ‘One Tree Planted’. This initiative stems from the company’s commitment to sustainability, something that Love Not War has championed and continues to champion, since day one.

All Love Not War products are designed and created in the company’s custom-built, green-powered factory. The Maya retails for £89.00 and is available alongside the brand’s full range of products at

Love Not War is available via Gisele International. You can also directly contact for more sales information.