LUVVU: the mirror for lovers

LUVSENSE london has launched the LUVVU mirror, the world’s first mirror for lovers, in Hong Kong at The Adult Asia Expo. The brand and the product have been created in London where Directors Elizabeth Gordon and Neil Schofield first met in 2010. Elizabeth and Neil have spent the last five years building both a business and a life together. Umbrella company TSM Meridian was created and the entrepreneurial Greenwich-based couple have been developing their unique bedroom product the LUVVU mirror, along with their retail brand LUVSENSE London.
Following extensive research of the pleasure product market, Elizabeth and Neil discovered the format for LUVVU had yet to be developed, and recognising a gap in the market embarked on what the couple have called a ‘fun but highly challenging’ journey to bring the LUVVU mirror to market. Sharing a passion for beautiful design and effective functionality, the ambitions couple already have plans to extend the LUVSENSE range following the launch of LUVVU and are looking to expand their business overseas.

Director Elizabeth Gordon comments: “We had no idea when we started out what a journey we had in front of us! It’s been fascinating to be involved in the pleasure product industry over the past five years and witness how adult consumers have started to embrace new brands and products with confidence and a sense of adventure. There are some really beautiful and innovative products already on offer, and we believe the LUVVU mirror will be a welcome addition, offering a unique experience for both romantic and adventurous lovers.”

The LUVVU mirror has an RRP of £285.00, it will be available to purchase from The LUVVU mirror will also be exclusively available for guests to enjoy at The Exhibitionist Hotel, reservations can be made through the LUVSENSE website only.