Massage Oils from Magoon in a New Design

The erotic massage oils from Magoon are now available in a new design with a modernised logo at ORION Wholesale. The massage oils from Magoon are companions for erotic partner massages. Magoon massage oils are made in Germany, water-soluble, can be washed off and their ingredients nourish the skin making it velvety soft and smooth. There are 12 different scents in the assortment. All the oils are available in 100 ml bottles but the bestsellers are the 50 ml and 200 ml bottles.

Furthermore, there are also two gift sets available. One set contains three 100 ml bottles – there is an amber, rose and Love Fantasy scent in the set. The other set contains three 50 ml bottles – there is a jasmine, musk and Indian Love Oil scent in the set.