Menstrual Cups by Mae B: Premium female hygiene

New at SCALA: Menstrual Cups by Mae B. These female intimate care essentials are unique in the SCALA assortment, offering consumers a custom solution that matches their active lifestyle.

SCALA’s female wellness selection is continuously expanding due to the growing consumer demand for this product category. With PH-balanced lubricants, female shaving creams and more, taking care of your intimate health is becoming a real selling-point in our industry. High-end brand Mae B saw this trend and developed a new product to for the feminine care trend: premium silicone Menstrual Cups.

The Menstrual Cups by Mae B are the comfortable, safe and reusable alternative during the period. The cups are designed to catch and collect the period fluid and are an eco-friendly alternative for the tampon. Experience comfort day and night! The Cups are available in two different sizes.