Moodzz erotic game heart

Moodzz presents Heart full of Love & Lust

MOODZZ has expanded its hearts series with the game ‘Heart full of Love & Lust’. Each week, both partners can pick a task to surprise each other, uncover and get to know each other better. “The tasks are tender, intimate and sometimes fiery. They lead to the pure passion that everyone desires,” the company described the game. The heart shaped box contains one hundred small paper rolls: fifty pink with tasks for her and fifty white with tasks for him. Thus, for almost a whole year, the customers can pick a challenge to enjoy:

  • An example of a pink task for the woman: Rub massage oil on your breasts and tummy and use them to give his shoulders, back and buttocks a massage. In other words, give him a real body-to-body massage.
  • An example of a white task for the man: Think of your partner’s body as a delicious object of discovery and adventure. Let a feather, your fingertips, your nails, or the tip of your tongue follow every curve of her body.