More Asian fragrances and flavors at Shunga

The Shunga brand is putting more emphasis on new Asian fragrances and flavors with new erotic massage oils and new AROMA flavoured lubricants. Presented for the first time in July’s ANME Los Angeles, retailers were able to smell 3 news erotic massage oils: Sweet Lotus, Asian Fusion and Midnight Flower.

“We want to be more in-line with the brand for new fragrances and flavours. We always had great fragrances but we need to renew our offer and make choices that reflect the Shunga Erotic Art brand,” says Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Director of Marketing. These sensual scented massage oils are made from 100% natural cold-pressed oils (emollients) and contains no animal or mineral oils. They leave no greasy residue and do not clog skin pores.

“Sweet Lotus has a sugared fresh flowery smell that comes directly from paradise,” says Linda McLean, Sales Representative. “Asian Fusion is a fragrance that Eau Zone Oils and Fragrances searched for many years. It’s a mixture of Asian Fruits that release a special fragrance. You won’t find anywhere else. It’s like our own recipe,” says Manon Vallée, Co-owner and Vice-President. “Last but not least, Midnight Flower, which is so refreshing, you’ll want your lover to massage you every night. It’s an assortment of perfumes combined with the oils that gives a citrus and flowery scent to your skin. Same strategy for our TOKO AROMA flavoured lubricants.”

“We are launching new flavours that correspond to the Shunga brand and Eau Zone company. I’m saying that because one of them is a Canadian flavour well known internationally – maple,” says Jean-Pierre. “Some popular flavours with-in Shunga are coming to the TOKO flavored lubricants category like Pear & Exotic Green Tea and Coconut Water. Two new additions to the Shunga TOKO brand is Maple Delight and Lustful Lichee. Lustful Lichee will be a sure hit because, in our taste test with consumer, it scored the second highest score ever. It will be the best lichee taste in the industry,” completes Jean-Pierre. The new TOKO AROMA flavours are water-based like the rest of the AROMA lubricants. Sugar-free and latex-safe, the lubricants are also ultra-silky and long lasting. “It’s all in the quality of the ingredients,” says General Manager, Guy Roussy. “We are expecting new sales with those new products and are discontinuing 4 massage oils and 2 TOKO AROMA to make room for the new items,” continues Mr. Roussy.

The new products should be available in August in major European, American, Asian, South American and Canadian distributors of Shunga.