More Drops of Orgasm at Orgie Company: The new Orgasm Drops Intense

Launched by Orgie Company last week, Orgasm Drops Intense Kissable Clitoral Arousal Gel was formulated to deliver intensified effects of warming sensation and clitoral sensibilization promoting extreme clitoral arousal and overwhelming orgasms.

“Orgasm Drops line keeps growing better, stronger, and yet effective as ever. The new Orgasm Drops Intense is a breakthrough formula of our much-celebrated Orgasm Drops line. Aside from the increased warming sensation and higher clitoral sensibilization effects, this new product comes with a couple of new features: its rich sweet mellow red apple flavor, and a cut-drops valve that prevents the product from running down along the dropper’s pipe, avoiding waste and any unwanted drippings during application. How to use Orgasm Drops Intense is the same as recommended for the whole Orgasm Drops line, 2 to 3 drops directly on the clitoris with a gentle stimulating massage, but here goes a hint: For people who have not used any of Orgasm Drops products before or are more sensitive to its effects, we suggest starting with 1 drop dose, and increase according to what feels good and comfortable. Afterall, the point is to feel good and get the best from these drops of pure sexual arousal!” says Raquel Shaw, COO Orgie Company.