Mr Dixx Dual Density bendable dildos

Mr Dixx Dual Density is the second line from the Mr Dixx label. Last month Tonga debuted the first line, The Original dildos. This month the Dual Density dildos from Mr Dixx are added to the collection that offers value-for-money dildos in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Soft and firm: The Dual Density dildos are made of anti-bacterial TPE. They are non-smelling and body safe like the Originals and have a strong suction cup too making them harness compatible and great for handsfree play. On top of that, they have some important extra properties that makes them different from the Original dildos. As the name says, they are Dual Density dildos, which makes the dildo have a soft outer skin with a rigid inner core that combine for a great lifelike effect. Very realistic and truly satisfying. Mr Dixx Dual Density dildos feel better than the real thing, soft yet rigid and erect.

Bendable: Another great advantage of the Dual Density Mr Dixx dildos: they are bendable! That way they will keep any position that they are bent into and users can adjust their Mr Dixx to their own mood and preferences. The flexible spine means that the shaft always feels erect, while bending with the users natural curves, for maximum performance.

Mr Dixx future additions: Most of the dildos in the Dual Density range have a scrotum and all of them have a distinct glans and veins that give them a lifelike look and feel for the best sensations. Mr Dixx offers dicks in all shapes and sizes. Flexible dildos and Dual Density dildos with a spine and a suction cup. Real feel for mindblowing masturbation experiences and awesome partner play! The Mr Dixx collection will be extended in the future with vibrating dildos.