Mr Dixx – New from Dream Toys

Mr Dixx is the new dildo label by Dream Toys that features super realistic dildos. They look like real penises and what’s more important, they also feel like real penises! The new dildo line was introduced during Tonga’s Virtual MasterClass in June and was received very well. During the MasterClass Tonga showed two Mr Dixx labels, one of which is arriving in August. 

Mr Dixx The Original

The first Mr Dixx dildos to be shipped are The Original dildos. These are soft and flexible, made of anti-bacterial PVC, non-smelling and body safe. They feel like the real thing and The Original dildos have a strong suction cup, enabling users to enjoy a range of possibilities for all kinds of pleasure, solo or with a partner. The suction cup base makes sure that Mr Dixx will stick to any smooth, flat surface, whether it’s the floor, the headboard of the bed or the shower wall. Thanks to the suction cup the dildo can be used in a harness as well, making sure that the dildo stays securely in place when put through the O-ring so the wearer can enjoy Mr Dixx without any worries.

Half of The Original dildos have a pair of testicles and they all have a distinct glans and a veiny shaft that gives them a lifelike look and feel to enhance the experience. Each Mr Dixx The Original Dildo has its own name, for example Mighty Mike, Tiny Tom and Magic Milo. They come in various sizes, from mini dildos with a length of 9 or 11,5 cm to a big one called Giant Gio that measures 31,5 cm length with a diameter of 6 cm for the lovers of lengthy girth!

The first Mr Dixx’s to arrive at Tonga are expected to be in stock by mid-August. Later on in the year the next series of Mr Dixx dildos will be added. These are the Mr Dixx Dual Density dildos which will be bendable.