Mushroom – New from OTOUCH

OTOUCH is glad to announce that its new model Mushroom is under production now. The Mushroom vibrator features 7 vibration patterns and a full silicone exterior. Its rounded head is covered by liquid silicone, which is super soft and protective.

The Mushroom is also featured by OTOUCH’s new patented PDS intelligent start-stop technology. When the device is vibrating, the user can put it aside to suspend the work and pick it up again to resume its vibration. If more than 10 minutes elapse without being returned to the hand-held state, the vibrator will automatically shut down. The Mushroom also comes with a charging dock, so the user can simply insert the vibrator in the dock to charge.

It is also interesting to note that Mushroom has a beautiful mood light, which can create a warm and romantic atmosphere for its users or, in combination with the docking station, serve as a light source in the middle of the night.

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