MysteryVibe Crescendo with packaging

MysteryVibe launches Crescendo

MysteryVibe today announced that its new vibrator, Crescendo, is now available worldwide. Having first teased initial prototypes in 2015, the launch marks the climax of MysteryVibe’s pilot campaign. Crescendo can be bend to the shape the user desires for a personalised experience. Featuring six motors that vibrate independently, Crescendo delivers direct vibrations and a limitless combination of patterns. The MysteryVibe App allows to preview and download new vibrations to further personalise the experience every time the product is used.

Crescendo can be bent to take various shapes and has custom vibration patterns, making it the world’s first ‘platform’ vibrator. As part of its pilot, MysteryVibe shipped 1,000 pre-orders to 51 countries following a successful crowdfunding campaign. The company recently closed £600k investment, bringing their total investment raised to £1.6m.

The product launch is marked by the release of their short film: Real people, real pleasures. This short original video featured real people and their honest reactions to the question: What does an orgasm feel like? The premise of the film is breaking taboos via a more open, honest, sex positive discussion.


“Pleasure is the pulse of life,” said Stephanie Alys, Co Founder and Chief Pleasure Officer, MysteryVibe. “What’s more, no two bodies are exactly the same – everyone experiences pleasure in different ways, with their own individual tastes. By developing Crescendo, we wanted to create a product that could be truly personal, so that we could empower people to explore their own pleasure, in a way that was unique to them.”

Crescendo is the first in a series of products developed by MysteryVibe that aim to improve sexual health and pleasure. MysteryVibe’s unique approach to technology and sexuality strive to make relationships more fun, open up conversations, and empower individuals to take control of their pleasures.