Nadgerz Inc. announces the Viballdo now shipping

Nadgerz Inc, creators of the Balldo ball-dildo sex toy, have released the Viballdo, the company’s 2nd iteration of their proprietary, couples toy design.

The Viballdo is now available and ready to ship to distributors and wholesale partners.

In 2021, the original Balldo debuted the concept of ‘ball-sex’ and a new type of orgasm, dubbed ‘the ballgasm,’ to the world. The Balldo is a unique type of testicle cage featuring a thick, stiff base intended for penetrative play with a partner.

While wearing the Balldo, a male partner can insert their testicles into their partner’s anus or vagina. Balldo creates a whole new kind of pleasure that can be felt by giver and receiver via the toy’s open-cage design, which allows the testicles to be stroked while thrusting into a partner’s body.

After a successful market run, Nadgerz Inc. has updated their original design and created the Viballdo in response to enthused customers.

As requested by our consumer fans, we’ve improved upon our original Balldo design with several new features,” says Nadgerz Inc. founder and CEO Jerry Davies. “The Viballdo promises a better fitting ball cage; a softer tip and longer insertable length; stretchier, black silicone, and of course, vibration.”

Viballdo most notably features 10 speeds of vibration, which radiate throughout the toy’s tip and down each leg of the cage. Powered by a USB rechargeable battery, Viballdo also features a shorter cage to fit myriad sizes of testicles, an extra 20mm/1 inch of penetrative length, and 2 additional, soft spacer rings for fit adjustment. A single, soft spacer ring will also be available for purchase separately.

The company says Viballdo is an excellent addition to both solo and couples play.

During solo play, users can actually ‘masturbate their balls’ by moving their hand up and down the ‘ball shaft’ of the toy, transmitting vibrations deep into the testicles. During doggy style couples sex, Viballdo rubs up against the clitoris or base of the receiving partner’s penis, allowing both partners to enjoy the toy’s multiple vibration settings.

During penetration, the Viballdo’s newly added 20mm/1 inch of extra length is also a better fit for fuller-figured couples. The company explains that the toy’s vibrations are magnified and felt deeply within the testicles through the walls of the partner’s holes, offering greater sensation for both partners.

The Viballdo is now available through Nalpac/Entrenue distributors in the USA, Creative Conceptions within the EU and UK, and AAPD in Australia.