Nasstoys Infinitt Collection now shipping

Nasstoys announced that the new Infinitt Collection is now shipping and available through their distributing partners. The Nasstoys’ Infinitt Collection debuted in January at ANME and ANE. The fully rechargeable Infinitt Collection includes the Infinitt Contoured Massager, Infinitt Suction Massager One, Infinitt Suction Massager Two, Infinitt Suction Massager Three, and Infinitt Tongue Massager.

The Infinitt packaging has spot-uv images of the product on the front with a magnetic closure box that opens to a viewing window so customers can see the items. This viewing window helps eliminate the issue of customers opening and damaging packaging in-store to look at the product.

“These are 10 perfect items to add to your range of Nasstoys pleasure products. They are each unique to the marketplace and are priced, packaged and branded to move volume sales both online and in retail stores who desire to stand out from the crowd of cloned and overpriced luxury silicone rechargeable items“ said Kathryn Hartman, Nasstoys sales and marketing director.

Nasstoys Infinitt Suction Massager One, Two, and Three each have unique shapes and the strength and pulse of the suction varies slightly in each massager. Infinitt Suction Massager One, is a 12 vibration pattern, 12 suction pattern multi-stimulating vibrator designed to hit the g-spot while providing clitoral suction. Infinitt Suction Massager Two has 12 vibration patterns, 12 suction patterns, and a lighter, gentle suction that mimics oral sex. Infinitt Suction Massager Three has 7 vibration patterns, 10 suction patterns, and is a multi-stimulating vibrator with a larger base. This massager has powerful suction and a rotund tip vibrator, working simultaneously.

The other two products in the Infinitt Collection are non-suction, the Infinitt Contoured Massager and Infinitt Tongue Massager also have unique shapes to hit multiple erogenous zones. The Infinitt Contoured Massager is a 7 function dual vibrator with flexuous curves that arch and bend. Infinitt Tongue Massager has 7 vibration patterns and 4 rotation functions with a high-speed boost function for vibration. The soft, tongue shaped, gently textured silicone with tiny stimulating “ taste buds” of the Infinitt Tongue Massager is aiming to intensify orgasm. Both the Infinitt Contoured Massager and Infinitt Tongue Massager are fully waterproof and available in pink and purple.

“We were so overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback from distributors and buyers on the Infinitt Collection. We believe that this product line offers something new and different from Nasstoys that will appeal to a wide range of buyers including boutique retailers,” said Taylor Means, Nasstoys’ brand ambassador.