Nasstoys releases Anal-Ese collection

Nasstoys introduced new products to the Anal-Ese Collection. The Anal-Ese Collection pays homage to the original Anal-Ese product that has over 40 years of staying power in a highly competitive market. The Anal-Ese Collection launched with four new products, the Anal-Ese Rotating P-spot Vibe, the Anal-Ese Remote Control P-spot Stimulator, the Anal-Ese Remote Control Heat-up P-spot & Testicle Stimulator, and the Anal-Ese Chainlink Cockrings.

As the original marker of Anal-Ese, Nasstoys has added this collection at a time when safe anal play was at the forefront of many meaningful discussions. The Anal-Ese collection, along with the original Anal-Ese cream, is meant to help facilitate a more comfortable experience.

“The magnetic closure book/window boxes, remote control, USB features, and supple silicone material make these items an affordable alternative to higher-priced similar items on the market with unnecessary technology features. I am pleasantly surprised at the immediate success we have had with the initial release of the Anal-Ese collection. My pen ran out of ink writing orders at ANME!” said Kathryn Hartman, Nasstoys sales and marketing director.

Each item in the Anal-Ese collection is unique, but all are easy to use and made of body-safe silicone. The Anal-Ese Remote Control P-spot Stimulator and The Anal-Ese Remote Control Heat-up P-spot & Testicle Stimulator are easily controlled by a discrete small remote for convenient and easy play. The Anal-Ese Rotating P-spot Vibe gently rotates for increased stimulation, with seven vibration patterns and three rotation speeds. The Anal-Ese Chainlink Cockrings come in black, blue, and grey. They form a sexy, durable chainlink design and come three in a pack.

“We had a great response to this collection at ANME. The Anal-Ese creams have been one of our top-selling and most recognizable products for over 40 years. It seemed fitting this time to launch the Anal-Ese collection because as a company, we are celebrating our longevity and looking back on all of our successes. Anal-Ese deserves to have its own collection, and we are very proud of the finished product.” said Elliot Schwartz, Nasstoys President.