Nasstoys releases new Intense Bullets

Nasstoys has released a new series of ‘Intense’ bullets, including the Intense Power Bullet and the Intense Vibrating Bullet.

The Intense Power Bullet has seven functions, single button control, and lasts up to two hours and twenty minutes before needing to recharge via the USB cable that is included. The Intense Power Bullet is discreetly quiet and waterproof. It’s available in silver, purple, and pink.

“These new INTENSE bullets are appropriately named as they are by far the most powerful bullets we have produced thus far with deep vigorous concentrated vibrations. Be sure to see them at ANME and ANE” said Kathryn Hartman, Nasstoys sales and marketing director.

The Intense Vibrating Bullet is a traditional, battery operated bullet, but intensified. There is a push button on/off function for easy use, while also being discreetly quiet and waterproof. The Intense Vibrating Bullet is available in black, purple, and pink.