Nasstoys’ Surenda Oral Vibe gets enhanced

Nasstoys has released their new Surenda Enhanced Oral Vibe. Originally released in 2015, the new vibrator is made of 100% body safe silicone, has 5 functions and is fully USB rechargeable. The new features of the Surenda Enhanced Oral Vibe include a tighter non-slip fit that contours the mouth along with added stimulation nubs cascading down both sides. Both the Surenda Enhanced Oral Vibe and the original hook into the cheek giving a whole new dimension to oral lovemaking.

“The Surenda Enhanced Oral Vibe is a product that we anticipated to be very popular based on the proven success of its predecessor, the original Surenda Oral Vibe. Adding more features and a more vibrant color combination really took this product to the next level” said Kathryn Hartman, Sales and Marketing Director, Nasstoys. The Surenda Enhanced Oral Vibe is available in pink with gold accent and purple with gold accents and comes with a USB cable.