CBL Lubricating Fists Silk new at Cobeco

According to Cobeco Pharma, their CBL Bodylube range contains all the important products consumers need for a sexy night in and it is also a range that combines quality with good prices. A high quality lubricant (water based, anal or silicon), a massage oil or a toy cleaner, they can all be found in the range. Because next to all the regular sizes, the CBL body lube range contains three different kinds of lubricants with sizes from 500ml to 1000ml. 

Next to these products, the CBL range also contains the special Lubricating Fists products. They are available as 1000ml and 500ml jars. 

Cobeco Pharma recently presented their latest product, the CBL Lubricating Fists Silk. This product has been added due to great demand, as this is the only white lubricant in the CBL Lubricating Fists range. The products natural white colour aims to not distract the intimate moment. It provides comfort during more intense sensual activities.