New at ORION Wholesale: Cleopatra – the sex toys with a touch of luxury

ORION Wholesale is now launching their new luxury sex toy label Cleopatra. This label is for confident women who love mystery and who don’t want to miss out on a touch of luxury when it comes to satisfying their desires. The button on every sex toy is made out of high-quality, black silicone and is in a shiny reflective design which is also surrounded by beautiful gems. All these models from the new label are waterproof which means that Cleopatra can join you for a relaxing bath or shower. The toys can be recharged with the USB cable.

The lay-on vibrator ‘Clitoral Vibrator’ is a successful all-rounder for any erotic occasion. It fits perfectly around a woman’s contours thanks to its ergonomic shape. Its 10 powerful vibration modes mean that it can be used for spot-on stimulation or for a full body massage.

The massage wand ‘Wand Massager’ stimulates all the body’s hotspots. It has an ergonomically shaped curve and 10 vibration modes which means that it can therefore pleasure hard to reach areas on a person’s back and even relieve slight tension as well. It is also great for directly stimulating the pleasure spots e.g. the nipples, clitoris, testicles and perineum. 

The flexible ‘G-spot Vibrator’ is perfect for the G-spot. It can reach the internal hotspots directly and flexibly with its curved shaft and its tip that gets thicker towards the end. Once it is in place, its 10 diverse vibration modes provide fireworks of pleasure. 

The ‘Rabbit Vibrator’ is a real all-round, pleasure-giver that simultaneously stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris with 10 powerful vibration modes. It reaches the G-spot directly with its curved tip, while the finger-like stimulation arm massages the clitoris in a pleasurable way. 

The luxurious sex toys from Cleopatra are delivered in beautiful black packaging with gold-coloured details. The focus is on the respective product and its features which can be seen on the side of packaging. The product can be seen behind the blister packaging once the front of the box has been opened. The box can be easily opened and closed because it has a magnetic fastener.