New at ORION Wholesale: Couples Choice

The new sex toy range ‘Couples Choice’ from You2Toys is now available from ORION Wholesale. The elegant sex toys have been specifically developed for the needs of couples, who want to spice up their love life a bit and who like experimenting. The first three sex toys from this range are available from ORION Wholesale.

The ‘Massager’ provides pleasure with its soft surface and pleasant bulging shape. In contrast to other massage wands, the easy-to-hold massager can reach all the external (pleasure) spots on the body that usually don’t get as much attention as they’d like. Not only do the 10 vibration modes stimulate the libido during foreplay, but they also help to relieve slight tensions, above all, in the shoulder and neck area.

The ‘Spot Vibrator with a rounded tip’ provides spot-on pleasure. Whether it’s the nipples, clitoris, P-spot, perineum or anus – the long spot vibrator’s tip always reaches the right area quickly and once it’s there it pleasures the area with its 10 vibration modes and its velvety soft surface.

The ‘Couple’s Vibrator’ provides multiple and intense stimulation, and it really enriches a couple’s love life as well. The stiff end gets inserted into the vagina and the flexible end lies on the clitoris or gets inserted into the anus. The man can insert it so that the stiff end is inside the anus and the flexible end lies on the perineum. In both cases, water-based lubricant should be applied before actual intercourse for a pleasant smooth experience. The 10 vibration modes can be controlled easily at the end of the Couple’s Vibrator.

All the sex toys in the ‘Couples Choice’ range from You2Toys can be recharged with the included USB cable. They are delivered in attractive packaging that can also be stood up or hung up in the store because of the hanger in the middle.