New at ORION Wholesale:  E-stim love toys from XOUXOU

The new e-stim love toys from XOUXOU are now available from ORION Wholesale. The 6 luxurious toys combine deep, electrifying stimulation with powerful vibrations. The electrostimulation and vibration modes can be conveniently controlled separately or in combination at the touch of a button directly on the toy. Each of the toys also has a remote control with a range of 5 metres for particularly sophisticated partner games – even in the bath or shower, as the e-stim love toys from XOUXOU are waterproof. Made from silky silicone with a soft touch texture, they are particularly easy to insert and play with as they mould perfectly to the body. The conductive surfaces of the balls perfectly transmit the low- and medium-frequency current pulses. The e-stim love toys from XOUXOU are rechargeable with the included USB charging cable.  

The following models are available:  

The “RC Vibrating E-Stim Love Balls” provide 10 electrostimulation and 10 vibration modes for deep, electrifying stimulation in the vagina and a tingling, tingling pelvic floor workout.   

The “RC Vibrating E-Stim Love Ball” also provides deep, electrifying stimulation and tingling pelvic floor training with  10 electrostimulation and 10 vibration modes.   

The “RC E-Stim G&P-Spot Vibrator” pampers with deep, electrifying all-round stimulation both inside and out: vaginally inserted at the G-spot and clitoris, anally inserted at the prostate and perineum. It can also be worn discreetly in briefs. 2 powerful motors reliably provide the exciting e-stim and vibrating variety with 10 electrostimulation and 10 vibration modes. 

The “E-Stim Wand & Vibrator” is suitable for versatile, electrifying vibro-stimulation on and in the body – can be used on both sides and is ideally shaped with a flexible massage head and curved shaft/handle. Every area of the body and pleasure zone can be easily reached for targeted pampering with pulses of electricity and vibrations. There are 2 motors in this handy power pack, reliably providing the exciting e-stim and vibrating variety with 10 electrostimulation and 10 vibration modes.  

The “E-Stim Rabbit Vibrator” provides three electrifying highlights: electric pulses in the slightly flexible shaft intensively pamper the vagina and G-spot, while tingling vibrations in the clitoris stimulator simultaneously stimulate the hotspot. There are 2 motors in this sophisticated powerhouse, reliably providing exciting e-stim and vibro-variety with 10 electrostimulation and 10 vibration modes.  

The “E-Stim G-Spot Vibrator” provides electrifying vaginal stimulation right up to the G-spot. It is ideally curved, slightly flexible and has a wave design for intensive intimate massage. There are 2 motors in this ingenious power pack and, with 10 electrostimulation and 10 vibration modes, they reliably provide an exciting variety of e-stim and vibrating stimulation.   

The new e-stim love toys fromXOUXOU are delivered in high-quality, white cardboard boxes. For the sake of the environment, plastic has been entirely omitted and the tray in which each toy is placed is also made of cardboard. The simple, white cardboard boxes are encased in a discreet, black slipcase with product images and multilingual product descriptions. This means that the packaging can be presented either standing or hanging.