New at ORION Wholesale: EMERALD LOVE – Powerful sex toys in a luxurious design

ORION Wholesale has brought out some new sex toys: EMERALD LOVE. The powerful sex toys are in a luxurious emerald green design. The first collection has seven sex toys in a beautiful emerald green colour. The toys also have a velvety soft touch, diamond texture for special feelings of pleasure. The gold-coloured details add the finishing touch to the luxurious design of the sex toys. They are waterproof and have 10 vibration modes that can easily be controlled at the push of a button. The powerful motors can be recharged with the included USB cable.  

The ‘Luxurious Wand Massager’ is in an ergonomic design. It also has a moveable massage head which is perfect for full-body massages and spot-on stimulation. The ‘Luxurious G-Spot Vibe’ stands out because of its sophisticated, anatomic design that’s perfect for spot-on G-spot stimulation. It is also great for pleasuring the P-spot as well. The lay-on vibrator ‘Luxurious Split Tip Vibrator’ is small but mighty. It has two flexible arms that are perfect for spot-on hotspot stimulation, e.g. clitoris, nipples, testicles, perineum etc. The ‘Luxurious Cock Ring’  is a slightly flexible vibro-cock ring with a clitoral/testicle stimulator that’s great for more stamina and simultaneous climaxes. It supports the erection thanks to the blood congestion effect. It also provides exciting, additional stimulation during sex with its 10 vibration modes that can be adjusted at the push of a button. It can pleasure the clitoris or the testicles, depending which way round it’s worn on the penis. The ‘Luxurious Lipstick’ is in a discreet lipstick design that fits inside a handbag. The mini vibrator has a beautiful diamond pattern and looks like a real lipstick – with or without its lid. Its rounded, soft touch tip is perfect for spot-on stimulation. The ‘Luxurious Mini Vibrator’  is a small, vibrating, powerful vibrator that fits inside any handbag. The mini vibrator has a soft, rounded tip that is perfect for spot-on hotspot stimulation. It’s also a great lay-on vibrator as well thanks to its flat and narrow design. The ‘Luxurious Bullet Vibrator’ is also a mini vibrator that fits inside any handbag thanks to its narrow design. Its 10 vibration modes provide diverse fun during vaginal and anal stimulation and can be easily adjusted at the push of a button.  

The beautiful sex toys from EMERALD LOVE are delivered in high-quality, environmentally-friendly packaging. The packaging can also be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle.