New at ORION Wholesale: Inflatable sex toys for special stimulation

The feeling of being literally ‘filled’ during sex is becoming more and more stimulating for lots of people. It is even more exciting if a partner can also decide on the volume and the vibrations. That is why the new ‘Inflatable & Remote Controlled’ sex toys from You2Toys are now available at ORION Wholesale.  

The three new sex toys can be inflated using the remote control – for a wonderful full feeling and great stretching. Furthermore, they are also perfect for stimulating the sensitive vaginal and anal pleasure nerves in a thrilling way thanks to their additional vibration. The vibrations (7 modes) and the pump & air release function can be controlled separately with the button on the remote control. The sex toys automatically pump in different pulsating rhythms when the vibration gets turned on. Another press of the button is enough to reduce the volume of air. The fancy sex toys are covered in soft silicone which feels great against the skin during pleasure and play. They can be recharged with the included USB cable.  

The following items are available at ORION Wholesale: the ‘Inflatable & Remote Controlled Butt Plug’ is a wonderfully shaped, flexible anal vibrator with a pronounced texture on the perineum bar that simultaneously stimulates the prostate and perineum.  

The ‘Inflatable & Remote Controlled G&P-Spot Vibrator’ is a wonderfully shaped, flexible G&P Spot Vibrator in a pronounced penis design that simultaneously stimulates the prostate and perineum or the G-spot and clitoris. 

The ‘Inflatable & Remote Controlled Love Balls’ are a vibro-ball duo with a pronounced texture and a stretchy retrieval strap for fulfilling pleasure when training the love muscles.  

All the ‘Inflatable & Remote Controlled sex toys from You2Toys are delivered in high-quality packaging with a description of the product in various languages on it as well. The packaging can also be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle. More products will now fit into the sales space because they’re more compact. They also take up less space when they’re in storage as well.