New at ORION Wholesale: Rabbit Vibrators ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Ravish’ from Vibe Couture

The new models from the exclusive sex toy label Vibe Couture are now available at ORION Wholesale: the rabbit vibrators ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Ravish#.

The rabbit vibrator ‘Euphoria’ has copper-coloured parts for decoration and looks ‘très chic’, just like the other pleasure-givers from Vibe Couture. It can be recharged via USB cable and offers the full range of stimulation: the rabbit-shaped clit tickler has a suction cup and 6 different suction modes that provide an intense stimulation of the clitoris. Also, there are 7 vibration modes in the shaft, which is slightly curved and efficiently stimulates the G-spot with its thickened head. The pleasure is topped off by the velvety-soft silicone surface. The rabbit vibrator is waterproof and extremely easy to use thanks to the 3-button system. The rabbit vibrator ‘Euphoria’ is available in pink and purple.

The rabbit vibrator ‘Ravish’ also offers a simultaneous stimulation of G-spot and clitoris and can be recharged via USB cable as well. It is made out of velvety-soft, double-layered silicone with copper-coloured parts for decoration. The flexible shaft is very long and bends at a 90-degree angle. This way, the extra thick tip can perfectly reach the G-spot. The finger-shaped clit tickler provides a thorough stimulation of the pearl of pleasure. The rabbit vibrator has 7 vibration modes in the shaft and 7 vibration modes in the clit tickler – they can be controlled separately. It also has an intuitive 3-button control panel. Waterproof. The rabbit vibrator ‘Ravish’ is available in pink and purple.

A visual delight is also the promotional packaging of the Vibe Couture sex toys: it has a classic and beautiful design that focuses on the most important thing – the product. The product can be seen behind a blister packaging once the front of the box has been opened. The box can be easily opened, thanks to its magnetic fastener. There is a product information in six languages on the back of the packaging and a video of the product is available via the QR code on the front of the packaging.