New at ORION Wholesale: ‘Sex Swing’ from You2Toys   

A sex swing can really spice up someone’s love life because it lets you have comfortable sex in every position imaginable. Anything is possible: the gentle swinging movements create a highly pleasurable thrusting rhythm – whether it’s being used for vaginal, anal or oral stimulation. This means that it is easy to try out new positions but even the usual positions can become a new experience as well.  
The luxurious ‘Sex Swing’ is now available from ORION Wholesale. Adventurous couples can try out new sex positions and love-making without much effort when they use this luxurious sex swing. The large seat/lying surface, made out of thick leather, and the adjustable padded pillow are great for comfortable positions. The two loops for the arms or the legs can be attached anywhere on the swing and can therefore make positions where the legs are comfortably bent possible. The loops also mean that the person in the swing is more secure when it’s swinging back and forth.  
The sex swing can be hung up with a sturdy ceiling hook (not included) immediately. It can be easily adjusted with snap hooks so that it is the desired height and angle – perfect for partners who are different heights.  
The luxurious ‘Sex Swing’ comes in a sturdy cardboard box with pictures of examples of how to use the swing and a description of the product in various languages on it as well.