New at ORION Wholesale: XOUXOU

ORION Wholesale is now launching special sex toys for maximum pleasure and diverse moments of fun. The sex toys are from the premium brand XOUXOU. 

The elegant sex toys from XOUXOU have been specially developed for a woman’s needs. They are for women who want to spice up their sex lives with toys that aren’t necessarily for beginners. A partner can also join in the fun so that they can add that extra thrill to a routine that might have developed over time. Whether it’s a normal vibrator, rabbit vibrator, vibro-bullet or butt plug – each sex toy from XOUXOU has a certain feature e.g. a suction, warming or squirting function, an up-and-down movement, a remote control or electro-stimulation. All the sex toys from XOUXOU are made out of high-quality silicone and are in a beautiful purple or black colour. They are waterproof which means that they can also be used in the bath or the shower. They can be recharged with the included USB cable. There is also a storage bag included with every sex toy as well. 

The XOUXOU sex toys are delivered in discreet packaging that puts the focus on the respective product and its features. These features can be seen at the front with the picture of the product. The main feature is also highlighted at the front with a further icon. Large, pastel-coloured flowers frame the product and create a delicate, playful overall image. There is a small silicone sticker on the packaging which makes it easy for the customers to feel the material that’s used for the products. The slip lid box with a sleeve and the small silicone sticker highlight the high-quality feel of these sex toys. The products’ retail values are between €59.95 and €119.00.

ORION Wholesale is offering its customers a special XOUXOU catalogue for its retail customers. The 12-page catalogue (item number 09137660000 / Bundle of 25) is in German and English.