New at SCALA: the Aloe Vera After Sex Gel by Happy Diva

Now available at SCALA: the Aloe Vera After Sex Gel by Happy Diva. This premium formula has a ‘healing’ effect on the female intimate area, soothing the skin and relieving irritation. SCALA’s confident this nourishing gel will make any female consumer a Happy Diva indeed! 

The new Aloe Vera After Sex Gel by Happy Diva is available in two sizes: 50ml and 100nl. The product comes in a handy “Press & Play” pump, packaged in a box with feminine, non-intimidating artwork. Which makes it the perfect upsell item with any naughty purchase. Place it on your counter and let the product’s fantastic branding and non-intimidating appeal work its magic. 

The formula itself was created to help women nourish their intimate area, keeping everything down there smooth, healthy, and soft. According to the brand itself, Happy Diva asked women of various ages about their physical experiences after intimate penetration. The result? Many of them reported a burning and/or painful feeling at the entrance of the vagina, due to friction and irritated skin. This is why Happy Diva developed its Aloe Vera After Sex Gel: giving women the chance to restore and nourish the skin surrounding their hotspots. The odor-less formula helps soothe, moisturize, and heal the irritated skin – making it an intimate care essential that every woman benefits from.