New at Tonga: Galactic Bliss with Dreamtoys Startroopers

Startroopers by Dreamtoys is the ultimate range of high-quality male pleasure toys designed to take satisfaction to intergalactic heights. Users are invited to experience a level of stimulation that’s out of this world, and to embark on a journey of exploration like never before. The product line was designed to elevate intimate moments and redefine satisfaction. With Startroopers it’s time to claim a place among the stars and to experience pleasure reimagined for the modern man. Anyone interested in anal sex or prostate stimulations who’s ready to embark on a Startroopers adventure can explore the stellar collection and reach for the stars in style. The Startroopers have a strong motor offering 3 – 5 vibrations speeds and 4 – 7 vibration rhythms. Their soft silicone exterior is pleasant to touch and they’re IPX6 water resistant. Each Startrooper comes with a charging cable for easy recharging via USB and four of them come with a remote for convenient operation. The Startroopers collection by Dreamtoys features a fleet of six spaceships to explore the world of anal pleasure.