New Book “Objects of Desire” presents today’s erotic products

Once taboo, sex toys and accessories for pleasure are in the midst of a design revolution. According to Rita Catinella Orrell, author of the new book Objects of Desire, there have been incredible advancements in the design approach and marketing of erotic products in the past decade.

She writes: “The cheaply made, sometimes even toxic novelty products once relegated to shelves in seedy XXX shops now find themselves greatly outnumbered by sleek designs made from proven or still-emerging technologies—teledildonics, app-controlled devices, and 3D-printed designs, for example—created through the same R&D processes used for high-end consumer products. These high-tech pieces are accompanied by handcrafted objects in leather, wood, and precious metals and stones that are presented and marketed like pieces of fine art.”

Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., has announced the release of Objects of Desire: A Showcase of Modern Erotic Products and the Creative Minds Behind Them, text by Rita Catinella Orrell and design by Jason Scuderi. The world of erotic product design is revealed in this curated showcase of more than 100 beautifully crafted objects and the creative minds behind them. The latest adult toys, jewelry, and accessories from leading companies, as well as intriguing prototypes, are featured. Each product, from high-tech gadgets to handcrafted pieces of art, is presented with concise descriptions in a minimal graphic format that emphasizes the flowing curves, materiality, and overall design of the products.

Including a foreword by Sarah Forbes, recent curator at New York City’s Museum of Sex, and in-depth interviews with leading sex bloggers, shop owners, and designers, the book will appeal to both fans of good design as well as “lovers” of good design interested in acquiring these pieces for their own collections.