New from Je Joue: Hera & Juno

Sophisticated, elegant and a sensual treat, Je Joue sex toys don’t compromise on quality. With beautifully crafted designs guided by experts, their newest collection has been created to empower people to explore a new world of intimate and infinite possibilities. Je Joue toys are designed with a special motor which vibrates at a unique low frequency, giving a deeper, rumbly sensation that you just don’t get with other toys

The latest of Je Joue’s deep rumbling vibrators comes a pair beyond recognition. Inspired by the Goddesses of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, this pleasure technology is designed to send you past cloud nine and straight into heaven. The first toy in the new collection is Hera, a modern take on the classic rabbit, perfect for a modern goddess!  Instead of your classic rabbit ears, Hera is shaped like a large thumb which covers more of the clitoral area and lets you explore positions that suit your shape.Available in both Fuchsia and Purple, Hera is the world’s softest, sleekest rabbit vibrator. The soft, squishy tip provides deep, rumbly vibrations directly to your G-Spot, while the flexible thumb stimulates more of your external clitoris, for the ultimate blended orgasm, ensuring the user feels incredible inside and out. Next in the collection is Juno, dubbed the G-Spot Goddess, Juno provides powerfully deep, rumbly vibrations directly to all of your internal pleasure points. The low-frequency, rumbly vibrations that Juno offers are able to travel further through the body, accessing more internal nerve endings reaching that sweet spot easier.

Je Joue has intimately designed Hera and Juno with your body in mind. The G-spot or “G-area” is made up of erectile tissue, the Skene’s glands, and the internal clitoris. A whole host of pleasurable nerve endings ready to be massaged into bliss, and Je Joue has created both Juno and Hera to pleasure those areas like never before. On top of that, both toys are 100% waterproof up to 2 meters deep, making those steamy bath sessions even hotter, and they are both 100% vegan.

With everyone’s pleasure in mind, the sex toy designers have also created these toys in their flex range. Flex uses BodyFlexTechnology and has been designed to move in perfect rhythm with your body. The fully flexible shaft can be bent into any position, allowing each individual body shape to explore hitting different spots, from any position.

“We’re incredibly pleased to be launching Hera and Juno into the world. The toys are sleek, silky smooth and impactful. We’ve had some fantastic feedback so far and our Flex versions are proving to be super popular with Juno Flex selling out in the first week. As we look to the future of the Je Joue offering we’re really excited to continue to innovate and bring orgasm heaven to our customers old and new,” Sophie Manning, head of marketing at Je Joue, says.