New from Lola Games: Henchman

Taking care of men, Lola Games does not depart from the original mission of the Homme line, designed to help the stronger sex in delicate issues. Henchman is a trio of assistants who will brighten up the intimate life of single or paired men. Homme Henchman are end–to-end masturbators with the effect of imitating oral sex, which can also serve as a stopper for women, adjustable in size.

Thanks to the soft TPE material, as well as the elastic sides, the Henchman lies comfortably in the hand, and the toy can be used as a buffer or spring, which will gently limit the push without additional stimulation of the penetrating side.

Using the Henchman as a stopper, the toy is perfect for both men with a large penis, which can bring discomfort to their partner, and women who, due to physiological circumstances, cannot afford certain penetrations, including during oral sex, gently limiting the size of the partner’s penis or dildo.

Turning the Henchman inside out, it turns out not only a smaller stopper, but also an improvised erection ring that is securely fixed on the base of the penis and does not roll off during use, not allowing blood flow to leave ahead of time, prolonging intimacy and not causing discomfort to the user.

The size of Homme Henchman is uniform – it is height and width of 7 and 6 cm, and the diameter of the inlet holes is only 12 mm. The stopper masturbator is available in 3 elegant shapes and 3 delicate colors – nude, pink and white.