New from Tonga: Charismatic and Romance

The Charismatic and Romance collections are two great additions to Tonga’s vast range of Dream Toys that they keep expanding all the time. The toys stand out because of their unusual colours and luxury appearance.

Charismatic lifestyle – Charismatic is the name of the toy range that features vibrators made of soft, food grade silicone with strong and deep vibrations, sporting a sophisticated yet fresh appearance and a distinct coral pink colour that is combined with rose gold coloured accents.Think of picknicks in a park with peaches and cherries, think of roller-skating, or picking daisies under a blue sky, imagine enjoying a vegan salad in the sun, white sneakers and crop tops. That is what Tonga had in mind while designing the Charismatic toys to give them a distinct appearance.Functionality and ease of use were top priority, which is why these toys have 7 pulsating passion patterns and 3 speeds, why they are all USB rechargeable and are fully waterproof.

The mood of Romance – Imagine a deep red velvet couch with button tufting, imagine a Bourgogne wine and rose petals on a bed, imagine dark chocolate cherry pralines, Japanese bamboo fans, deep red kimonos, a ruby gem and a crystal bowl with raspberries and blackberries. These are the images that inspired Tonga to design the Romance toy collection. They wanted them to be classy and romantic on the outside, and full of high quality technology on the inside.The Romance toy range features vibrators in burgundy red with a diamond shaped texture in the soft, food grade silicone, offering 3 speeds and 7 vibrating passion rhythms, all being fully waterproof and easily rechargeable with USB.

See them vibrate – To give retailers and their customers the best impression of the Romance and Charismatic toys they uploaded multiple images of them to their product pages, so retailers can view them from several angles. Tonga is also creating product videos in which the products are vibrating. For each separate product a product video is available as well. It’s a great way to sum up the functionality and advantages of each toy and shows more than pictures can. Retailers can feel free to use the videos on their websites or social media channels. Displaying the videos in a loop on a big screen in a store is also a great way to promote the Charismatic and Romance products.