New: Obsessive Novenes collection

Obsessive presents its latest proposal, the Novenes collection. The collection is characterized by its original, modern design and seductive transparency. Pink accents and stripes add an extra allure to the pieces. Modern and minimalistic design makes every woman feel special and stylish both on everyday and special occasions. The model in the photo is wearing the Novenes Teddy, bold yet refined, designed to add confidence and charm to modern women. Made from exceptional, transparent fabric that accentuates and shapes every silhouette, providing a flattering effect for women of different shapes and sizes. Its elegant black color serves as a base for subtle contrasting pink stripes, adding a light but strong character. The Novenes collection is an invitation to express self-confidence. It includes: teddy, corset and thongs, garter belt, 3-piece set with a bra, panties, and thing, chemise&thong set and open thong.

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