ST Rubber PR Glide

New lubricants from BeauMents now available at ST RUBBER

ST RUBBER is expanding the product range of its own brand BeauMents by five new lubricants. These improve the gliding ability during sexual intercourse and also support the natural moisture balance.

The lubricant is available in five varieties (100 ml each):

  • BeauMents Glide (silicone based), a silicone-based lubricant and massage agent, without odor and taste, perfume-free
  • BeauMents Glide (water-based), a water-based lubricant that is also suitable for use with natural rubber latex and silicone toys. Without odor and flavor, perfume-free.
  • BeauMents Glide Forest Fruit (water based)
  • BeauMents Glide Cherry (water based)
  • BeauMents Glide Strawberry (water based)

The three water-based lubricants in the flavors of “Forest Fruit”, “Cherry” and “Strawberry” are also suitable for use with natural rubber condoms and silicone toys.