New Sex Toys from “Black Velvets” for Anal Pleasure

New sex toys from “Black Velvets” for anal pleasure are now available from ORION Wholesale.

The new “Anal Trainer Set” is made up of three butt plugs that are different sizes and weights (36 g, 72 g, 97 g). The set is perfect for gradual anal training. The smallest plug is great for starting training without straining the sensitive muscles in the anus too much straightaway. After some practice, the stretching can be increased step by step with the two larger plugs. Water-based lubricant is recommended when using the plugs.

Furthermore, there are also three new individual butt plugs that are different sizes and weights (small 106 g, medium 194 g and large 221 g). A hot side effect for the partner: the vagina can be made tighter by inserting one plug into the anus.

The “Black Velvets” sex toys are made out of black silicone and their smooth
surfaces are wonderfully slippery when used with water-based lubricant. They are delivered in a high-quality cardboard box and there is a description of the product in various languages on the packaging as well.