New Shunga’s Kissable Massage Creams

In the same wind of change since the start of 2015, SHUNGA Erotic Art is introducing a new revamped product line: Kissable Massage Creams. Although it was presented as a scoop in L.A. for a small group of privilege customers, the real launch will be at eroFame in October. “We only had 6 bottles filled for the show in L.A. just to show the product” says Guy Roussy, General Manager at Shunga. “A few of our customers had the chance to experience them at the A.N.M.E. in Los Angeles. But it was a tease because the production wasn’t done yet. In eroFame, we’re taking orders. It’s ready!” says Linda Mclean Shunga’s customers service. “Now we are talking about a tasteful experience for massage. It beats any edible massage oils, even if they taste great. Plus, it feels right for any season of the year compared to the lukewarm oil coming from massage candle. It’s a massage product that will sell all year long,” continued Linda. The product went from a jar in a box to a beautiful new plastic bottle dedicated especially for creams. The bottle is practical because it’s upside-down so the cream comes out easily until the last drop. The new massage creams design respect the new image change. “This image is much more colorful, romantic, refined and polished. For each flavor or fragrance a different colored Shunga is attributed, which pleases consumers”, says Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Marketing Director. Shunga Erotic Art now has 6 new Kissable Massage Creams adding 4 new exciting flavors: Intoxicating Chocolate, Pear and Exotic Green Tea, Almond Sweetness and Strawberry Sparkling Wine. In addition to existing remaining flavors; Exotic Fruits and Raspberry Feeling. “Exquisite scents and so tasteful!” says Manon Vallée, Vice-President. “It’s the perfect product for a romantic, nourishing and fulfilling massage. Plus, they’re now easier to use and with a charming new design. The cream is so silky, it’s smooth, it tastes great and leaves the skin feeling fresh and non greasy. It’s an unforgettable massage experience!”