New STEAMY SHADES products now available at ST RUBBER

ST RUBBER is pleased to introduce the latest products from the exclusive Soft-BDSM brand STEAMY SHADES. The new products, available now, offer beginners and experienced BDSM enthusiasts exciting new ways to unleash their passion and explore their most intimate fantasies. STEAMY SHADES offers a perfect balance of elegance, functionality and comfort. Each product has been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure a sensual and safe experience. The selection ranges from stylish restraints and blindfolds to gentle whips and feather-light paddles, all designed to enhance trust and connection between partners. The new STEAMY SHADES products are now available at the ST RUBBER online shop. If you have any further questions, ST RUBBER’s customer service will be happy to help under the telephone number: +49 6834 4006-0 or simply visit the online shop: