New: The E-Stim System ElectroRing

E-Stim Systems has taken a classic cock ring design and re invented it for the modern e-stim lover, creating a unique bipolar e-stim electrode system that has elements of e-stim, cock rings and even chastity in the unique and exclusive design.

The Design takes E-Stim Systems engineering experience to develop a dual ring design, catering for a wide range of users, and compatible with E-Stim Systems full range of power units as well as a number of other devices from other manufacturers.

The E-Stim System ElectroRing system is available in 8 different ring sizes from 30 to 65mm. The bipolar system allows single rings to be used, or two hence the bipolar design, and they can even be locked on with a tool to make then even more secure.

First launched at eroFame 2023 in Hannover Germany, the first production run sold out in the first day, and ongoing sales have demonstrated that E-Stim Systems have creating a winning design.