New: Versatile ‘2 Function Bendable Vibe’ from You2Toys

The versatile ‘2 Function Bendable Vibe’ from You2Toys is now available at ORION Wholesale.

The ‘2 Function Bendable Vibe’ is a vibrator with an extra clitoral stimulator and a universal toy for various kinds of stimulation due to its flexibility. The shaft with 10 stimulating vibration modes can be used on its own as a regular vibrator. But if the vibrator is bent a little bit so that the small tongue is able to touch the clitoris it will provide clitoral stimulation with intense up-and-down movements of the tongue in 10 modes. Of course, the tongue can also be used while holding the vibrator’s shaft. Both modes can be controlled separately and the silky Soft Touch surface made out of high-quality silicone with a velvety soft PU coating adds a very pleasant feeling during use. The vibrator can be recharged easily with the included USB cable.

The ‘2 Function Bendable Vibe’ from You2Toys is delivered in cardboard packaging with a description of the product in various languages on it.