Nexus Shower Douche Duo kits – Doubly clean and double the fun

Nexus launches two Shower Douche Duo Kits for the ultimate cleanse.The kits contain 2 silicone nozzles made from firm yet flexible silicone with large holes in the tip of the shaft for a thorough 360 cleaning experience. Consumers can simply unscrew their shower head and replace with the nozzle of their choice to enjoy the perfect combination of practicality and pleasure. The thread on each is made from strong stainless steel making assembly super easy. The Beginner’s kit contains a classic shaped nozzle and C shaped nozzle for prostate stimulation while the Advanced Kit contains a larger curved nozzle and a beaded one with precision tip. Each has been designed to deliver a plethora of sensations so Nexus fans can elevate their cleansing routine.