Hot Octopuss have sold over 2 million units of their Award Winning Guybrator and today they are launching a very special limited edition for the 10 Year Anniversary of PULSE. What’s better than pleasure? Pleasure that you barely have to lift a finger for! And, as with all celebrations, the shinier, the better, so without further ado, welcome to PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL-DRAGON EYE.

The multi award-winning, 10th anniversary, limited edition toy replicates the ever-changing colors of a dragon’s eye, to celebrate 10 years of Hot Octopuss innovation – particularly the never-before-seen sex tech that began the journey – PulsePlate Technology. Encased in a unique iridescent turquoise ombre shell, the DRAGON EYE is both power and sensuality. It features the latest uber-tech from the brand’s PULSE line (as seen in PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL) including the original Hot Octopuss designed, PulsePlate Technology.

Adam Lewis, co-founder of Hot Octopuss and the brains behind the world’s first ‘guybrator’ says, “The idea was to take our best selling toy and to make it look absolutely fabulous and fierce for the 10 year anniversary of it’s explosion – pardon the expression – into the sex tech world.  The PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL-DRAGON EYE contains the same great tech and latest features of the best-selling PULSE SOLO ESSENTIAL, but with a shiny makeover that’s just gorgeous, and makes it a truly collectible item.We love the uniqueness of the ombre effect across the toy and packaging and how it changes color in different lights.”  

Co-founder Julia Margo says, “When we first launched PULSE, we had no idea that this would be the start of a global business. In fact, PULSE has been the heart of our success for a decade – it is still our number one bestseller. It’s so exciting to be celebrating 10 years since the launch and we wanted this toy to look and feel especially beautiful. I’m proud to say we absolutely succeeded. I know it’s a sex toy but it could easily sit on a shelf as a beautiful addition to any living room!  At Hot Octopuss, we’re all about the tech. The kind of oscillations you get from PULSE are unlike anything you’ll experience with any other penis toy, and we’re always pushing the envelope for new ways to pursue pleasure for everybody – and every body.”

PULSE uses cutting-edge tech (PulsePlate Technology) to stimulate the frenulum using oscillations. This leads to a unique experience for people who want to take their orgasms to the next level and also enjoy hands free pleasure. Unlike a stroker, you do not need to manually move the PULSE for it to work. PulsePlate Technology uses oscillation, not vibration.