Now available: Womanizer Next

Womanizer introduces Womanizer Next, a groundbreaking device that seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology to redefine the boundaries of pleasure. Unveiling the future of intimate experiences, Womanizer Next boasts user-defined technology and innovative design for an unparalleled sensory journey.

Womanizer Next introduces 3D Pleasure Air Technology, the reimagined version of the brand’s signature Pleasure Air Technology (PAT) that uses changes in air pressure to stimulate the clitoris. PAT involves contactless or indirect stimulation of the clitoris glans, the most sensitive part of the vulva, using enclosed air. The product stimulates the clitoris by continuously changing pressure, thus creating a ‘sucking’ feeling. By pressing the + or – button on the device, the user may increase or decrease the speed at which the pressure changes happen, which are called intensity levels.

The expanded 3D Pleasure Air has been in development since the very first Womanizers: “Even though our PAT devices had seen unprecedented market success and worked well for users, user testing showed that it was too intense for some, but it wasn’t enough for others. This conflicting feedback meant we had to create something that appeased both ends of the spectrum,” said Tobias Zegenhagen, Chief Product Officer at Womanizer. “If you think about it in terms of music, I would say that if the original Pleasure Air Technology can play single notes, 3D Pleasure Air can perform an entire symphony.”

The main way that 3D Pleasure Air differs from PAT is the ability to pulse at a slower rate, as low as 3 pulses per second, offering a more natural and refined sensation for the clitoris. To compare, Womanizer’s flagship product Premium 2, pulses at a minimum of 20 pulses per second.

Womanizer Next uses acoustic engineering and leverages subwoofer speaker technology to create the linear (up and down) movements of the motor to create the enclosed air, allowing for a more controlled rate of pressure change. Traditional PAT utilized a rotational drive train that wobbles back and forth to create the changing pressure. This linear approach not only provides a more accurate method of controlling the air pressure change, but it also allows the product to be whisper quiet in operation.

Smart customization was at the forefront of the engineering behind Next. Climax Control allows the user to determine at which of the three possible depths the Pleasure Air pulses, allowing for a softer or more intense feeling. Other PAT devices operate on one depth, allowing the user to only change the speed at which the pressure changes happen. Now, the user can control both the depth and the intensity of the Pleasure Air, creating a richer sensation, opening avenues for users to experience multiple orgasms.

The Next was created to help users break out of their orgasm routine, or upgrade to a more complex journey,” said Elisabeth Neumann, Head of User Research at Womanizer. “While there might be a slight learning curve to this next-gen tech, taking the time to understand how the product allows the user to fully enjoy everything it has to offer. Womanizer Next epitomizes the intersection of technology and intimate pleasure, setting new benchmarks in the industry.”

The Womanizer Next is available in Dark Purple, Sage, and Black.