OhMiBod releases Club Vibe 3.OH wearable massager

OhMiBod released the Club Vibe 3.OH — a discreet wearable massager designed to enhance couples’ intimacy, passion, and excitement without sacrificing privacy. The new vibrator continues the legacy of OhMiBod’s award-winning Club Vibe 2.OH. “The Club Vibe 3.OH offers a range of new features, including the addition of a rechargeable, wireless remote control and increased sensitivity to ambient sound,” says Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. “By picking up where its predecessor left off, the best gets even better.”

The Club Vibe 3.OH wants to rewardd spontaneity with three modes: club, groove, and tease.

  • In club mode—the hallmark of all products in the Club Vibe collection—the vibrator responds to ambient sound, particularly music and voices.
  • Groove mode, on the other hand, allows users to cycle through five preset vibration patterns with the push of a button.
  • The new tease mode takes a different approach, helping enhance foreplay through manual vibration patterns. Partners can access each mode with ease using a rechargeable, wireless remote that includes a built-in microphone.

Quiet and lightweight with a velvety finish, the Club Vibe 3.OH also features a smaller, more compact design, body-safe silicone, and a quiet motor for discretion.