Öivita Introducing the ÖRing+

Öivita is a tech solutions provider known in online circles for their ÖVibe and ÖRing products in the sex toy category. This year, they’re back with a new product, the ÖRing+, and more options, features, and customizations than ever. A Crowdfunding campaign for the new product starts at May 30.

“Sex is one of the most phenomenal things we do in our lives, as not only does it foster intimacy, but it has also been identified as an effective form of exercise,” the company says. “Studies have however shown that one of the leading causes of breakups and divorces is lack of quality sex. Many products have attempted to tackle the bedroom health market, but missed the mark. This is where Öivita Creative and the ÖRing Plus come into play as the premier sexual health tracker and ultimate intimacy enhancer.”

ÖRing Plus is a wearable waterproof smart ring designed to detect health data during playtime. The device measures the heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and other factors to determine the sexual stamina of the user.

The device can be controlled via the Öivita Bluetooth-connected app, allowing users to track their health status and also create customized vibration patterns.
ÖRing Plus is designed to spice up things, while helping users lead a healthy life. Made with medical-grade silicone, the band comes with a PPG Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Dual MCU integration, as well as a lithium-Ion, 170 mAh, 3.7V battery that can last for as long as 4 hours.