Orgie Company launches Orgasm Drops Vibe!

Orgie Company enhanced its best-selling female product – Orgasm Drops Clitoral Arousal – by adding active ingredients from the Amazon rainforest to its groundbreaking effective formula turning it into a rollercoaster of new sensations.

The new Orgasm Drops Vibe! brings the same effects of its original product: sensitizes the clitoris, promotes an initial cooling sensation followed by a pleasant warming sensation leading to a whirlwind of pleasure now boosted by its new effect: the already famous vibrating sensation delivered by Orgie product line Sexy Vibe!

In addition to the arousing effects, the new Orgasm Drops Vibe! has aroma and flavor of peach in syrup. A deliciously intense oral sex foreplay for the receiver while the giver also has a share of this Brazilian experience by the vibrating effect on his/her tongue and lips.

Orgasm Drops Vibe! is available now.