Orgie is releasing Acqua Croccante Sakura and Acqua Croccante Monoi

Orgie Company celebrates another incredible year launching new products in the final days of 2019. The unique sensorial massage experience delivered by Acqua Croccante Strawberry offers two new delightful fragrances.

Acqua Croccante Sakura, the cherry blossom to which Orgie Company just could not resist to surrender to the Japanese inspiration with this famous delicate floral and fruity fragrance.

Acqua Croccante Monoi, the word means ‘scent oil’ in Tahitian; it is an infused perfume-oil made from soaking the petal of Tahitian gardenias (also known as Tiare flower) with coconut oil, purely French Polynesian inspiration used in perfumes as well as in skin and hair products because of its rich moisturizing characteristic. It has a tropical and floral scent.