Orgie launching season goes on with Time Lag 2 Delay Spray and Glow

Just over a month after the launch of the new Lube Tube Cocktail water-based kissable intimate gel line, Orgie Company presents Time Lag 2 Delay Spray and Glow

Time Lag 2 Delay Spray Next Generation is a step-forward delay product formulated with a combination of ingredients that desensitize the penile gland and Damiana Leaf Extract that stimulates the erection and the sexual drive due its characteristic warming effect and tonifying properties. Free of Benzocaine, Lidocaine and other anesthetic ingredients.

The R&D of Time Lag 2 Delay Spray took more than one year because we found a variety of ingenious ingredients each with characteristics that could add the bonus effect we were looking for; we went on testing one by one until we find that Damiana Leaf Extract offers what Orgie wants to deliver to the consumers with Time Lag 2 Delay Spray.” says Raquel Shaw. And she adds: “Despite our Dare Yourself motto, we would not dare to discontinue the classic Time Lag Delay Spray! It is a best-seller, and its effects and characteristics differs from Time Lag 2. To discontinue a product is one kind of decision that rarely lands on us, thanks’ to our investments on distinctive active ingredients, and to the expertise and creativity of our R&D team.”

Glow Shimmering Body Oil: Lightweight shimmering body oil formulated with the rich combination of Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, and Grape Seed Oil with delicate sensuous fragrance and shimmering powder to moisturize and enhance the beauty of your skin leaving it with a satin touch and a glamorous golden glow.

Glow Shimmer Body Cream: Lightweight shimmer body cream with a delicate and sensual fragrance. Formulated with coconut oil, carrot extract and oil, and other rich ingredients to deliver deeper hydration and help prevent dryness while the beauty of your skin is enhanced by a sublime luminous effect given by the shimmering powder.

“Shimmering products contains a sparkling powder proper for cosmetics formulation, made of tiny flakes that highlights areas of the skin where applied. This sort of product is not breaking news in selfcare cosmetics, especially on the brink of spring-summer season; some important markets that we serve had often inquired us about having these products by Orgie to what we resisted for a while to measure if that was a by-product of the optimism after Covid and/or a seasonal demand, we can certainly say that this was the right timing to respond with these two formidable skin highlighters and moisturizers.”