ORION Wholesale Expands its “Noir Handmade” Product Range

There are new outfits from the “Noir Handmade” label available from ORION Wholesale, who is expanding its large product range with new and fresh looks. The new dresses, jumpsuits and waist cinchers from “Noir Handmade” are sexy and figure shaping, and although they mainly appeal to connoisseurs in the fetish scene, they do also appeal to fashion conscious club-goers. The outfits are made out of black, high-quality power wetlook that is either shiny matte or extremely shiny – some outfits also have eyelets, studs or fancy zips. The highlight, however, is a dress made out of tulle material with a semi-transparent stripe design. All of the materials feel extremely smooth on the skin and are very stretchy, so they are almost crease-free when worn and fit like a second skin. All outfits are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

The outfits from “Noir Handmade” are delivered in high-quality cardboard boxes with a detailed image of the respective product on it. There is also a description of the product in various languages on it as well.